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One Place To Manage All Your Business

Do you have a Shortage of inventory at crucial times of delivery? Then you are at the right place as Insight Stock is the best option available for you to lend all your problems for managing your bussiness.
Get all things done at one place with options of multiple users and authority of limited access, save your bussiness from all the trouble you have been facing since long.
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You’re Losing Money If Not Using Inventory Managment

Years ago I work as a part-time cashier in high school, that time for me word inventory only means lots and lots of things. And we do count all our physical products by the end of the years and make sure that it matches with our record.For mid and mid scale companies its much complex and required hands on desk!

And these day inventory management is one of the most important thing for an organization for them stock is placeholder for money

INSIGHTSTOCK is one such cost efferent inventory management software meets every business requirement

Take 14 day free trial and let us know if what you think about it

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InsightSTOCK has an integrated Reports Function allowing you to access business critical information at the frequency you require and in the format that is useful to your business.

A standard range of reports is included with options to configure bespoke reports to your precise specification if required

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The InsightSTOCK dashboard is user configurable and allows you to access the key performance indicators for your business on the Home Screen of InsightSTOCK.

Stock Alerts or Picking Failures are immediately recognisable and business process efficiency can be displayed graphically to measure trends.

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Using the InsightSTOCK Sales Tab you can add a sales order or a new customer or import the information by CSV file.

Pending Sales orders can be viewed and amended and sales quotes managed. Picking lists are created as well Dispatch notes. Sales Orders can be used to reserve stock allowing free stock to be calculated.

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The Insight Stock Products Tab is where you can set up your inventory items.

You can set up products individually or in product categories. Product information can be imported from other files.

The product information can contain images of the items, product codes, product pricing, unit quantities and alert quantities can be set to trigger low stock alerts.

Product Barcodes labels can be originated and printed for labelling your stock items in the warehouse.

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The InsightSTOCK Purchases Tab is used to access the purchase order functionality and to create and update vendor information

The current Purchase Order list can be viewed, new online purchase order added manually or imported via a CSV file.

Vendors can be set up and the Vendor list viewed

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Using the InsightSTOCK Warehouse Tab you can view dispatch lists and make adjustments to the inventory

The dispatch list allows you to view the status of each sales order. Stock quantity adjustments can be made or transfers to and from other locations. Again transfer information can be input from a CSV file

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Mobile Handelds

InsightSTOCK can be used as a standalone system but to unlock real-time business efficiency and to drive the greatest productivity is should be used in conjunction with Mobile Handheld terminals.

Using Mobile Handheld Terminals with InsightSTOCK allows the goods receipt , order picking and dispatch functions to be managed in real-time whilst utilising integrated barcode scanners to minimise data input errors.

Perform Inventory Counts, Stock Takes, And Partial Counts

The world is a big, scary, confusing place. Our inventory needs tools that can perform track-and-trace and barcodes do that for us.

Our software is simple and easy to use and collect data from anywhere even it exists on spreadsheets, server or QuickBooks

Save your time, money and avoid costly errors with insightStock barcode scanner.
From small scale business to mid and large scale business the reach of barcodes is getting high day by day

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Do You Spend Long Hours Manually Creating Invoices On Paper?

Insight Stock 360's WMS for small business equips you with amazing features like create, handle, manage, and send invoices to your clients. This saves your precious time and takes all the burden from your shoulders on its powerful Invoice tool. All you have to do is enjoy and experience the transformation take over your business and make things easy.
Whether you deal in retail, wholesale, professional services, or any type of business, you can feel the difference by using Insight Stock.
Stock Control With Invoicing

Absence Of Quality Asset Tracking Software Affect Your Data And Cost And Negatively

Without a quality asset management processes results in very bad quality data and data loose and effect your cost saving decision very badly

Let us say you buy an item and mode that doesn’t match the invoice means they are not punched correctly.

Or when your employee leaves the rarely return back the equipment for re use .like that there are so many situation where we need a proper inventory management system.

INSIGHTStock is one of the leading stock management system software that helps you to control and track your inventory and asset. Take 14 day trail of our software for free before making a decision

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